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Some leaders still have a long way to go to be a full member of the team and perform well on all fronts.

  • A newly appointed manager who does not yet have experience with the new position.

  • A knowledgeable leader who has been unmotivated lately.

  • An enthusiastic, experienced leader, who seems to be overworking lately, possibly close to a burnout.

  • A talented leader, who creates a lot of conflict around him or her, either within his or her team or with the parent company. It is difficult for him or her to work with other leaders.

In such cases, INDIVIDUAL COACHING is recommended.

INDIVIDUAL COACHING typically consists of ten one-hour sessions where the coach and leader discuss the issues in focus face to face. The coaching methodology helps to deepen quickly and solve problems in the long run.


Before the sessions begin, we hold a three-person meeting with the head of the coachee, where we also identify organizational-managerial expectations. At the end of the process, there is also a tripartite meeting where we evaluate the process and progress and determine what to do next.

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