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Cooperation in the management team is not optimal

Cooperation in the management team is not optimal

  • The team or its leader is new and the framework for cooperation has not yet been developed.

  • Open and hidden conflicts undermine cooperation.

  • The motivation of the team is low.

  • Major changes disintegrated the team.

  • Management performance is inadequate in some or more members.

  • Turbulence, disintegration, loss of power.


In such cases, we recommend TEAM COACHING.

A The essence of TEAM COACHING is that we deal with team dynamics, team member connectivity, collaboration and performance. It consists of the following main sections in chronological order:

  • Establishing a diagnosis - gathering more in-depth information (interviews, surveys, etc.) about team functioning, the relationship between the team and the leader.

  • Leadership order - we determine the topics together with the leader.

  • Team coaching days - 1 or 2 day off-sites:  

    • creating psychological security,

    • transparency, honesty and trust building,

    • understanding and processing dilemmas, conflicts of interest, personal conflicts with team coaching tools,

    • translating in-depth topics into action,

    • management follow-up: after-effects management, feedback, tracking results.

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