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Passionate About Inspiring Others

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Psychologist, OD consultant, coach

Our human functioning is determined by the never-ending interplay of our emotions and rationality, I have been dealing with different areas of this wonderful dynamics for nearly twenty years. As a psychologist and later as a coach, I worked with several methodologies which, depending on their theoretical approach, always tried to emphasize the importance of emotions or rationality in human functioning. I think in a system, I believe in integration, but if I had to bet on one by accident, I would bet on emotions.

My organizational development work is based on three principles: Clarification. Aid. Performance. These principles, albeit in varying proportions, have been present throughout the various stages of my career.

As a top kayak athlete, I took part in many world competitions for all ages and adults, we also won the World Youth and European Championships in a team boat, adult World Cup competitions, and I was also a member of the Olympic framework for two years. I have experienced up close the role of awareness, discipline and teamwork in performance.

My sports career came to an end and I worked as a clinical psychologist for almost a decade after graduating from university. It was an uplifting experience in the work of psychologists to experience how important individual and group psychotherapy methods are in the treatment of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, stress management and other mental problems.

I started working in the field of organizational development more than 6 years ago and got to know the coaching methodology. Whether it is individual or group development processes, the first and most important step is clarification: Where do we start, what do we contract for, and why? Organizational development processes are always related to business goals and business operations, but at the same time they are realized through people and human relationships, so psychological knowledge and experience are indispensable elements of these developments.



FREESTYLE Consulting Szervezetfejlesztő Kft., Psychologist, OD consultant, coach

2015 - 2020        

NEOSYS Szervezetfejlesztő Kft., Coach, OD consultant

2014 - 2015        

Modernization of the system of social trainings, trainer / TÁMOP 5.4.10.


2009 - 2013        

OORI Tündérhegyi Pszichoszomatikus- és Pszichoterápiás Rehabilitációs Osztály,                                  klinikai szakpszichológus


2006 - 2009        

Péterfy Sándor Utcai Kórház Krízis Intervenciós és Pszichiátriai Osztály,                                                pszichológus





2001 - 2006        

ELTE PPK – psychology major degree


2002 - 2004         

Magyar Pszichodráma Egyesület – pszichodráma asszisztensi fokozat


2006 - 2010         

Hungarian Psychodrama Association - psychodrama assistant degree


2014 - 2015           

Neosys 1 year Coach Master's degree, Budapest

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