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An organization facing a complex challenge

A company or an organization must deal with a lot of external and internal influences every day:

  • changes in the market situation,

  • various coping strategies, situations,

  • chaos caused by constant change,

  • too fast growth

  • organizational culture changes,

  • employee relations,

  • the interconnection of the various departments,

  • management issues,

  • the continuous transformation of the organizational structure.


 In such cases, we propose a complex ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM.

OUR ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS are always developed with our clients, usually together with the number one leader of the organization and the HR leader. Because every organization is different, there is no one and the same organizational development program.


An especially important aspect is our system-based approach: the programs in the organization are in constant interaction with each other, so regular feedback and fine-tuning with our clients are also part of the development. It also takes time to achieve more lasting change, so such programs typically take longer than classical training programs.


In these long-term programs, we can use all the tools of organizational development listed so far:

  • organizational diagnostic, organizational dynamics measurements

  • leadership team coaching

  • individual coaching

  • workshops developing organizational culture

  • leadership training programs

  • problem-focused small group processing ("action learning")

  • process consultancy

  • individual consultations and feedbacks

  • re-measurements

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