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There are good professionals at the company, but their leadership capabilities need development

One of the most general problems in the corporate world is that the leaders do not have the level of leadership capabilities of which is sufficient to motivate the whole team long term and to lead the company to success. Most of the leaders are promoted because of their strong knowledge of the industry they work in in addition to their hardworking and intellectual capability. However, we see many cases that the leadership soft skills are not at the necessary level.


In these cases, we propose the LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT TRAININGS.

The LEADERSHIP TRAININGS acan focus on any of the following topics, amongst others:

  • how to work online,

  • managing virtual teams,

  • assertive communication,

  • managing conflict and stress,

  • delegation, situational leadership,

  • time management,

  • managing change and living with change,

  • proactivity and problem solving,

  • avoiding burnout,

  • motivation,

  • creating culture,

  • leader as a coach.


All trainings are “experience based”, which means that they are very interactive, with very few PP slides with lots of case study, role play, dramatic plays and various real-life exercises with own issues brought in and discussed. 

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